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 ASP - Alta Scuola Politecnica



The Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) is a school for young talents, with a passion for innovation, who wish to develop their potential in a multidisciplinary community.

ASP selects 150 students per year, among the applicants to the Master of Science -- MSc (The Laurea Magistrale) programs in Engineering, Architecture and Design at Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) and Politecnico di Torino (PoliTo). The ASP program runs parallel to the MSc programs of the two institutions. The official ASP language is English.

When & Where

ASP was established in 2004 as a joint venture of PoliMi and PoliTo, the largest and oldest technical universities in Italy.

Altogether, they award each year about 25% of the Engineering BSc’s and about 40% of the Architecture and Design BSc’s in Italy. They are located in Lombardia and Piemonte, two neighbouring Italian regions among the most advanced and industrialized in Europe, which benefit from their connections with local and international companies and institutions in both educational and research activities.


The ASP Community is made up of passionate, motivated and exceptionally qualified students (about 60% achieved their BSc degree cum laude). They form a diverse community, coming from about 20 different countries; more than 1/3 of them are women.

The ASP Alumni Association was recently founded to create a network among the students that have completed their ASP program. ASP is governed by an Executive Board made up of 8 members.

For the 2010-2013 term, Prof. Stefano Ceri (PoliMi) serves as Chairman of the Executive Board and ASP Director (, Prof. Marco Cantamessa (PoliTo) as ASP Vice-Director. An international Scientific Committee supervises the cultural program pursued by the School.


Innovation and knowledge are the core drivers of sustainable development. That’s why companies and public institutions are increasingly looking for talented engineers, architects and designers mastering their elective technology, but who also understand the socio–economic context and are able to pursue complex innovation projects in a team work context.

The mission of ASP is to provide high-profile graduates combining in-depth (vertical) disciplinary knowledge from their MSc program with interdisciplinary (horizontal) skills that are needed to work and contribute leadership in a truly multidisciplinary environment. At ASP we also consider passion an essential ingredient for achieving success in any task, as well as for having fun while studying and working.

ASP Courses

ASP courses are cross-cultural and built on top of the technical knowledge and skills acquired by the students in their specific MSc courses. The common denominator of ASP courses is the culture of innovation. Their goal is to discuss interdisciplinary issues common to any innovation project in Engineering, Architecture and Design.

Interdisciplinarity does not only mean cross - fertilization of technical cultures, it also entails exposing students with a technical background to non - technical cultures, that play a key role in innovation processes and therefore will be crucial in their professional career. Students learn how to set problems in their proper environment, how to cope with complexity in all its forms, how to manage methodologies and tools for problem - solving.

The set of courses offered is presented below as a reference:



1st of MSc

1. Innovation and Society
2. Design Methods
3. Management of Innovation

2nd of MSc

4. Complex Decision Making in the Public and the Private Sphere
5. Global Change and Sustainability
6. The Dynamics of Creativity

Students are required to attend all ASP courses, which are residential (all travelling and lodging expenses are covered by the ASP). The teaching style is a mix of formal lectures, seminars, group and personal work. The focus is on learning instead of teaching, with a strong emphasis on the interaction between lecturers (Italian and international prominent professors) and students.

A professor from Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino or from another prominent Italian and International Universities is responsible for coordinating each module. Part of the activity is developed in small student groups, where teamwork and discussion is assisted by tutors.

The workload for students is compatible with their regular study activities. Each year students will attend 3 week-long Schools, for a total amount of about 70 hours of classes per year. Courses are held in most cases in the form of Intensive Schools (Winter, Spring and Summer Schools) typically organized in March, May and July.

As assessment, students are asked to write one paper for each course, exploring a specific topic; students will have to write one long paper and two short papers per year. The papers' topics are proposed by the course coordinators.


Students who wish to be admitted to the ASP must submit their application after the publication of an official call issued by the ASP, unless directly invited to apply by ASP on the basis of their student record provided by offices of the Universities (Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino), in which case special rules apply.

The call is issued yearly and is published only on this website. The call is opened to all students who have obtained a Laurea or an equivalent title (i.e., a Bachelor or a university programme consisting in at least 3 years of study after secondary education), have average marks of 27/30, and can demonstrate a good knowledge of the English language.

Candidates are selected by an Evaluation Committee, specifically appointed by the Director of the ASP. The Evaluation Committee grades the students on the basis of their curriculum of studies, a motivation letter, their proficiency in the English language and other extra-curricular achievements. Typically, candidates are also interviewed. For candidates living abroad, the interview will take place on the phone.

In parallel with their application to the ASP, candidates must submit their application to the MSc course they have chosen either at thePolitecnico di Milano or at the Politecnico di Torino.

The ASP selects about 150 promising students each year. A number of places is reserved to foreign talented students (EU and extra-EU) and to Italian students not graduated in the Regions of Lombardy and Piedmont.

Services and Financial Aid

Fee-waivers are offered to all ASP students. The fee waiver concerns tuition fee of ASP (€ 3,000 per year).

Other economical benefits for the next cycle are currently under discussion.

ASP students are also provided with a budget for their multidisciplinary projects, whose allocation is defined by the team and agreed upon with advisors.

The ASP Students can take full advantage of all the services and structures (i.e., libraries, laboratories, sport facility, ...) at bothPolitecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino.

Supplementary scholarship (only for ASP 7th cycle foreign students

ASP Call 2013-14 for international Students

All ASP international students must be accepted by one of the MSc programs of Politecnico di Milano or Politecnico di Torino,therefore they should first apply to their elective MSc program.

International students having obtained the Bachelor degree in Universities outside Italy will receive a scholarship covering accommodation costs plus a tuition fee waiver covering the costs of the M.Sc. programme they will be admitted to.

For Politecnico di Milano, applications will be open from January 21, 2013, until March 13, 2013.
For Politecnico di Torino, applications will be open from November 29, 2012, until February 28, 2013.

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