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 Ergo Scholarship at the University of Bologna

The University of Bologna provides international students (those who have undertaken educational careers/ educational paths in foreign countries) a range of different scholarships, fellowships and associated financial support. 
International students have many excellent opportunities available to them for investing in their future and developing their talents and skills through the various internationally recognised and accredited programs provided by the University of Bologna.

Benefits for students managed by ERGO (Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education)

Benefits are generally assigned through a competition notice available on 
Ergo website. Applications must be made by the deadlines.
Education scholarships: enrolled students that fulfil the merit and financial requirement can apply for education grants. The amount goes from a maximum of € 5.192,56 to a minimum of € 1.342,53 per year, and varies according to the economic conditions of the family unit and the place where the student is resident. Students can ask for a part of the education grant to be converted into credit for the catering service. In that case ER.GO will add an extra amount of 50%.
Residential service: The ER.GO residential solutions are split into different types, arrangements, services offered and fees/prices, outlined on the website. Places are assigned on the basis of academic merit and income. Fees vary from 152 to about 258 Euros per month.
Fee exemption: Students eligible for the education grant are completely exempt from university fees. Students not eligible may apply to a fee reduction.
Paid part-time work for the University: 150 hours each year paid 7.50 Euros per hour, assigned on the basis of academic merit and income.
Ergo also provide other benefits for catering, international mobility, disabled students and loans.
The application notices can be consulted and downloaded from the website.
The benefits can be requested by applying on-line on the website
For specific information the call centre is active every day, from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 16.30.


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