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 Italian government Bursaries for foreign and I.R.E. students

BS/MS/PhD Degrees

Deadline: around June 2014
Study in: Italy
Course starts September 2014

Applications for the Academic Year 2014/2015

Brief description:


The Italian Government sponsors a bursary programme for foreign students and IRE (Italian Residents Abroad) to study in Italy during the Academic Year 2014/2015. The programme is offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its diplomatic mission in the accredited country of the applicants, to students of selected countries wishing to study at Italian public universities or other public institutions of higher education.

Host Institution(s):

Accredited Italian Universities and Higher Education Institutions.  Please also check the list of the International Offices of the main Italian Universities.

Type(s) of Study supported:

Applicants may request three month bursaries for advanced courses in Italian language and culture, courses in Italian language teaching,  and sttudy or research projects at non-private Italian research Centres – Laboratories – Libraries -Archives – Museums.

Applicants may request six or nine month bursaries for Individual university courses. (Levels I or II), university degree courses (Levels I or II),  advanced professional training, art and music courses, courses in Italian language teaching, Masters Degree courses (Levels I or II), Doctorates Courses, Schools of specialisation, and Singly or jointly supervised study or research projects.

Target Group:

Countries whose students may apply to Italian bursaries appear on the Recipient Country List.

Scholarship value/inclusions:

Three to nine months worth of bursaries may be awarded.


To be eligible for study grants (except the case of language course), students must have the following prerequisites:

Knowledge of the Italian language

Knowledge of the Italian language is indispensable and must be certified or ascertained in an interview at the Italian Cultural Institute or at the Cultural Office of the local Italian diplomatic Mission or at the Italian studies Department of the applicant’s university.

Educational Credentials

Candidates must have the credentials requested for enrolment in the institution of their choice. All credentials and certificates of study must be submitted along with their Italian translation, which must be certified as conforming with the foreign language texts by the Italian diplomatic Mission, i.e. by an official translator along with a statement attesting (dichiarazione di valore in loco) the authenticity of the credentials prepared by the Italian diplomatic Mission.

• Degree courses at Italian universities: the candidate must have a secondary school diploma valid for the enrolment in a university.

• Masters I or II programmes at Italian universities: candidates must have a degree equal to the Italian baccalaureate, along with any other documentation that may be required by the chosen institution.

• Individual courses: the certificate of enrolment issued by the university for foreigners is usually sufficient.

• Art and music institutes: it requires certification of having concluded a cycle of secondary school studies valid for admission to accredited State academies or conservatories.

• Italian language and culture courses: a secondary school diploma is required.

Age Limits

The age limit for obtaining a study grant is cited in bilateral Cultural Agreement Executive Programmes. Where not expressly established, the age limit is 35 years old.  However, this age limit does not apply to applicants who are Italian language teachers and actively engaged in teaching Italian.

With the exception of the provisions stated in Cultural Agreement Executive Programmes, in no case grants can be awarded to anyone who would still be below the age of 18 during the period covered by the grant.  Considering the varying age limits established by different institutions, it is recommended to check such detail directly with the institution (the National Cinema School, for example, has an age limit of 27).

Application Instructions:

Before submitting their applications prospective applicants to Italian bursaries must contact the university or institution in Italy where they intend to study. They are advised to be as fully informed as possible about the institution and course of study of their choice.

Applicants are kindly requested to obtain country-specific information from the Italian diplomatic mission or Italian Cultural Institute of their country of origin, either in person or from the institutional websites. Applications open in May. Deadline is around June 2014.

It is important the read the scholarship guidelines and visit the official website for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

The “Special Projects” application deadline for the Academic Year 2012/2013 was July 15th, 2013.

General Information

·         Italian language proficiency is a determining factor in being accepted for study in Italy and for being awarded a bursary. A B2 level “Certificate of Italian as a foreign language” must be submitted. Many Italian Cultural Institutes around the world offer Italian language courses and have language proficiency testing facilities. Check the Network of Italian Cultural Institutes for more information.

·         Before submitting their applications prospective applicants to Italian bursaries must contact the university or institution in Italy where they intend to study. They are advised to be as fully informed as possible about the institution and course of study of their choice.




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