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TKDanesh (Tekieh Gaah-e Danesh) Institute
A leading International Student Recruitment Agency


     T. K. Danesh has been recruiting students from Iran since 2011. It is one of the few educational institutes in Iran that has the distinction of being accredited by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as well as having strong affiliation with faculty members from many of Iran’s top universities.It also collaborates with leading Canadian, Italian and Russian universities and colleges.

T. K. Danesh is one of the fastest growing educational agencies specialized in admission, placement and recruitment with offices in Tehran and in Montreal (in Canada). 

T. K. Danesh is distinctive due to a dedication to quality customer service. This is reflected in staffing, counsellors are selected from talented, multi-lingual graduates who have completed studies in the destination countries and thus bring personal international living and learning experience as well as a professional approach to clients.


Tor Vergata University and the University of Pisa in Italy have acknowledged T.KDanesh for the impressive number of enrolled Iranian students enrolled by us in the 2015 intakes.

As part of our mandate, we offer the following services to students that include but are not limited to:

  • Accommodation
  • Activities / Excursions / Tours
  • Airport Greeting / Transfer
  • Cross-Cultural / Corporate Training
  • Educational exchange
  • Homestay
  • Insurance
  • Internships / Work experience
  • Payment / Finance Solutions
  • Post-degree Job Placement
  • Printing / Distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel Services
  • Visa / Migration
  • Work and Travel

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